I work from a thoughtful, humanistic, solution focused perspective to provide support and strategies for resolving the problems my clients face. In therapy, I utilize the strengths of many different theoretical perspectives to create a holistic treatment framework. I may draw from cognitive-behavioral therapy, as well as insight oriented psychodynamic principles and other philosophies, based on the specific needs of my clients.

In therapy, I work to help my clients develop a clearer understanding of their life experiences. As appropriate, we can explore the influence of past experiences on current thoughts and behavior. I believe an increased awareness of how we live our lives empowers us to create the reality of a more fulfilling life. As a therapist, I strive to provide a compassionate environment that will allow people to delve into the hurt and pain that often prevent them from living life with a sense of contentment and purpose. I believe every person has the innate ability to grow and heal; therapy can provide a pathway that can reconnect us with our strengths and discover new possibilities.

Alissa Scanlin, Psy.D.
Lic: PSY20873
Tel: (925) 283-3902
Email: drscanlin@gmail.com

3468 Mount Diablo Blvd. Suite B203
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